wedding project [two]: the boutonnières

The second wedding DIY project is completed in full: hurray!



Originally inspired by this boutonnière, I played around with size, shape, and assembly logistics, eventually coming up with similar yet smaller version. As an added bonus, this project was easier and more cost-effective than I had imagined.

The pièce de résistance was the black and white guinea hen feather. Once I sourced a package of these beauties from Pegasus 22's etsy shop the remaining elements fell into place. The stems of the faux pink berries (from Michael's craft store) were originally green; however, I didn't like how they looked with the pink, black, white, and grey, so I painted over them with a brown Sharpie paint pen. A bit of extra florist wire was used to secure the bottoms, the ribbon was then affixed with hot glue gun.

Although it remains to be seen how easy these will be to pin to the suit jackets, they're quite pretty to look at.

up next:

I've acquired a bit more canvas for the table runners (thanks to my future mother-in-law, Lin, for running across the boarder on a craft mission) and once the remaining fabric and lace have been purchased the table runners will be a completed project.

Also, the vases are almost complete (I have several more to add to my collection and paint); more photos and details to come.

Finally, I returned to Kamloops last weekend with several amazing window panes (complete with original glass). These beauties are resting in my office, waiting to be sanded, windex-ed, and prepped for our guest list.

1, 2... Go!


Andrea Peterson said...

Love, love, LOVE them!! So creative, they turned out awesome. Can't wait to see all of your projects come together!

April said...

Just wondering where you got window frames from, I am thinking of something like that for photos in the house.

Courtney said...

Thanks, Andrea!

April, my uncle got them for me from a friend who was tearing down an old farmhouse. Have you tried eBay/ Craigslist?

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