Ming Makes Cupcakes

Have you ever stumbled upon this delicious site? If you haven't, I'd highly suggest it. I have yet to bake one of her sweet or savoury treats; however, these three are on my "to bake" list. (I'm pretty sure cupcake 17 would make anyone's bad day turn upside down, don't you?)

She updates her site regularly (+ she has a "cookies" section, if that's what you prefer with your cup of tea).

Happy Sunday, everyone. What are your plans for the first weekend of Autumn?

My grandma and grandpa are in town today and I couldn't be more excited.


Callie Grayson said...

mmmmm these look so good!!

Emily said...

Holy cupcakes batman....how tastey do those look. Going to have to look into that site. Hope you had fun with your grandparents.

Jennifer said...

I think these cupcakes would taste delicious for our Thanksgivings weekend!

Courtney said...

Don't they just make you hungry? I don't know which one to try first!

Dallas Shaw said...


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