This ain't your grandma's embroidery hoop

Is it just me, or are embroidery hoops everywhere, these days? Perhaps most surprising is how awesome they look; I'm really digging the fact that these wooden circles are popping up in the details of many whimsical weddings I've flagged as of late.

Martha featured a DIY guide for the following hanging hoops centerpiece. I really love the look and think it would be the perfect alternative to paper lanterns over the cake table/ candy bar or even above the head table.

The embroidered place cards double as a fun takeaway for guests.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2010

I love the palette and the graphics used in the following shoot; the overall effect is fantastically mod + whimsy. I particularly enjoy the addition of the black and white anemones: so fun.

Modern wedding shoot found here, here, + here.

One cannot post about embroidery hoops without mentioning Miniature Rhino. Jessica's fun shop is a legend on etsy and her work has popped up all over design and wedding sites alike. (Psst... I want one).

Custom Heart


jessica said...

my head just got bigger! thanks for the kindest shout out! love the hoop as place setting too...

Courtney said...

Hi Jessica, thanks for stopping by! It's my pleasure - every time I saw embroidery hoops used I was continuously reminded of your shop. : )

Now... to decide which one I would like to order. The knot is my current fave.

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