I heart cake.

I also heart this collection of paintings by Paul Ferney (with art direction by the ever talented Jordan Ferney). I am smitten with the delicious looking paintings (+ their equally delicious quotes). Adorable.

I feel that B and I need one of these pretties... although it is so difficult to pick - just - one! I'm drawn to different cakes based on the associated quote. (I hope they're included with the canvas as I'd love to have it taped to the back, for fun).

Photos are courtesy of Oh Happy Day. Canvases are available here.

Have a happy + sweet weekend.

. . .

2010.09.12 Update

We finally chose one and we can't wait to receive it! I'll post photos when it arrives (although B claims I won't see it until Christmas...)

1 comment:

Callie Grayson said...

Love the little simpleness of them!

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