Jonas Peterson

I've been an admirer of his work for quite some time now and his ability to capture pure emotion from his subjects ceases to amaze me. I could write an entire article about this wedding; however, I've chosen to let the photos speak for themselves.
See more of the wedding Jonas perfectly describes as Simple yet exclusive. Lavish yet understated. here.

So many weddings circulating the blogosphere are filled with too much of what I will affectionately call 'fluff.' Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a clever DIY or personalized detail as much as the next wedding planner. I just feel that sometimes these over-the-top displays of decor distract from the event at hand.

This wedding is the perfect example of how to let the bride and groom be the stars of their own wedding and how to let the natural beauty of one's venue speak for itself. It is simply a stunning collection.

Photos courtesy of the amazing Jonas Peterson.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

The lighting is almost as beautiful as the bride! How romantic.
Where is this venue?

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