Vintage Wedding Posters

I woke up to snow (it's back: Spring isn't here already, after all) + colder-then-its-been-weather this morning after sleeping through my alarm (of course this would happen on a Monday). Needless to say, I needed some sunshine inspiration which I found while going through my etsy "favourites."

I'm a huge fan of ello there and their wedding invitations + posters. I am particularly fond of the vintage style of their work, the warm colours they use, and fact that their work is so beautiful it can be framed and kept as a memento.



A lovely addition to any wedding, these posters would make a great gift for the right couple.

Their posters would also be a unique "guest book" (provided the guest list was small enough); signatures of friends and family members would look rad in the background of either image.

Do you like the idea of a "wedding poster"? Would you frame one in your home?


Callie Grayson said...

I know this weekend was spring like and very enjoyable, then snow today!
and cold wind.
great posters!!
such a cool idea, I will have to file this one.

Down and Out Chic said...

i like this idea A LOT. the colors are fantastic too.

Dallas Shaw said...

just adorable

Courtney said...

Hi ladies, I'm glad you enjoy these fun posters as much as I do. I love the vintage palette and round illustrations. So cute.

cevd said...

wedding posters, i love them. and want to make them, many of them.

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