The rundown

2010, eh? You're already here. Rad.

One of the amazingly refreshing things about greeting a new year is the opportunity to create goals, visions, and plans for the year ahead. Although this is a topic that is joked about often, I have found goal setting to work wonders.

Ever since I had the privilege to work for lululemon last year I have been a goal-making-machine. You see, one of the perks for working for this Vancouver-based company (Woot!) is their "practice what they preach attitude" stemming all the way to employee development. They train their employees with an effective goal setting regime and encourage goal setters to share their goals with the individuals around them. If you're interested, you can find out more on this process here.

I have the following goals written to jive with the 5-steps of goal setting (they're measurable) but here's a run down. If you're wondering, I'm posting these on my blog to hold myself accountable and maybe even collaborate with some of you! I will intermittently post "progress reports," "updates," and other fun tidbits as I go. So, in no particular order...


Try my hand at something new every month. This can be a recipe or food, an activity or class, or even a new genre of film, music, or literature. If I haven't tried it before, I'm diving in headfirst. [I've decided that I'll also log all of the fun things I learn & try in my lovely new day planner].


{motley photos}

Attend 5 classes per month of dance, pilates, yoga, or cardio. Although I'm an exercise-outdoors-kind-of-girl I do love the atmosphere of indoor classes and look forward to shake, bend, stretch, and move what my momma gave me.


Have one "date" with B. per week. This can be a breakfast date, a dinner date, a Monday, or a Friday. Extra efforts will be made to schedule some {unplugged} one-on-one time, free of distractions.


{Down and Out Chic}

Join or start a book club. Much to my pleasant surprise, I found this post on Monday morning: the answer to my goal. {Insert the "that was easy" Staples 'easy button' here}. Thank you Christina. You rock! I can't wait to start Jeanette Walls' follow up to The Glass Castle (one of my favourites) and hash out plot and character development with the Club (gee, can you tell I was an English Major)?


Save money for the camera-of-my-dreams. Included in this goal is a to do list of the following: take more photos/ print them off and make photo books of B.'s Grad & New York.


{Canadian House & Home}

Finish decorating my living room, my office, and my bedroom. I'm quite enjoying my subscription to Canadian House & Home; every issue is just chalked full of inspiration. Best.gift.ever. (Thanks Jill)!

I'm giving myself a bit of time for this one as B. and I want to ensure we pick the right pieces that work with our style. More on this to come...


Help two of my favourite people plan their wedding. MUCH more to come on this one...


{Cards by elise joy}

Hand write and mail one "Just 'cause" card per month to someone special. Birthdays, congratulations, etc are excluded. These handwritten notes will be for no reason other than saying "hello," "I miss you," or "you're a pretty cool human being."
. . .

So... that's pretty much it: nothing exciting or groundbreaking, just small steps to live, enjoy, and celebrate life in the healthiest and happiest way possible.

Do you make resolutions? If so, what are they? If you feel the urge, share them here or shoot me an email. I'd love to chat.

Happy 2010 all. It's going to be good. I can feel it.


iheartkiwi said...

I am loving your resolutions!

It's so important to unplug when spending time with your loved ones. And I totally hear you on the home decor, it's an ongoing process for sure!

p.s. Beyond jealous that you work for lululemon, I love their yoga gear!

Ancarol said...

what great plan with the amazing web site it special with other that i found event ;) thanks share this also i jealous you work for lululemon .... great job . wonderful 2010 being come .

angela said...

Love your list, Court! They are all unique, but also doable. I can totally see you following through on all of these resolutions!

I was just talking to someone at work about starting a book club. I think it is definitely the English Majors in us rebelling against our lack of in-depth literary analysis...sigh. I'm tempted to drive to 'Loops to join you.

(p.s. Wicked is bizarrely wonderful so far. I can't put it down.)

Nicole said...

Thanks for this inspiration today Courtney. Coming to work today I was feeling less than motivated. January is hard in retail because you're full of ideas but the environment is just soooo sllllooooww.

Put pen to paper instead of feeling bored/sorry for myself! ;)

Hanako66 said...

these are such wonderful goals!

see you in the "club" !!

Courtney said...

Hi ladies, thank you for visiting!

I agree - New Years Resolutions don't have to be hard... I find them just enough to point ya in the right direction and give you that little bit of encouragement. :)

Courtney said...

Your resolutions are great ones! I always set goals for the new year too, and attending dances classes again (I haven't since college) is one of mine for 2010. So is trying at least one new recipe every week. I have sooo many cookbooks and have bookmarked so many recipes online, it could take me years to try them all (and I keep adding to them!) but I decided making this goal will help me start making a dent. So here's hoping I can follow through with that one throughout the entire year.

Courtney said...

Courtney - I completely agree. I have a million recipes that I have "flagged." I'm going to try and make new ones more often; however, this calls for better organization for meal planning + grocery shopping (otherwise, I end up going back to our "easy favourites").

Jen said...

Your goals inspired me! I was just feeling run down and exhausted from thinking about the next 7 weeks... but reading your goals gave me the gas I needed :)

I can't wait to see you! and hope I can join you at one of those five classes when I come and visit you during the spring break!

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