Jessica Luch

If you're a regular reader of this blog you are probably aware that I have great pride in the works & accomplishments of those I am lucky enough to know in my off-blog life. The next person I'd like to feature in my "spreading the love" series is an amazingly talented and up and coming graphic artist and equally fantastic photographer. I have been lucky enough to watch the growth and development of Jessica Luch, the photographer, over the past couple of years. Her eye for the perfect shot is astounding. Most recently, her beauty and studio portfolios are just too brilliant not to share with you. I love her style: it's raw and real. The ultimate beauty of each subject (portrait or still life) just radiates through her aptly styled shots. Enjoy.



In addition to the style of work featured here (& of course graphic design), Jess is available to for couples and pregnancy shoots. To see more of her amazing work + for contact information check out her website and behance.

Grazie Mille to Ms. Luch for letting me share these beauties.


Jennifer said...

Luch does great work!
I am glad she is getting a spotlight on her beautiful photographs!

Courtney said...

She is amazing. I love her studio work.

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