Finger Foods

My friends Matt & Jennifer are fans of delicious food and their tastes span beyond your typical "Catering Menu." Keeping this in mind, Jen approached me with with one of the best Reception Menu ideas I've heard of in a while: stations of finger foods.

Their concept:

Forego assigned seating to create a cocktail-style atmosphere with stations around the venue offering various styles of finger foods. Different cocktails and beverages will be offered in a similar manner and guests will be encouraged to mingle, taste, and celebrate with the bride + groom.

Station options:

I've put together some finger-food options that align with M&J's tastes to spark some ideas. Any one of the following options would be perfect (& not to mention, yummy) for this type of reception.

Comfort Food

{here + here}

Asian Fusion

{here + here}

Cheese-y Goodness

{here via here + here via here}

Spicy Bites

{here + here}


{here + here}

And, because they were too-cute-not-to-post...


{here + here}

Now that I have you all hungry, I hope you have a wonderful evening. M&J, let me know if you want some more options and what you think about these ones.


Jen said...

I love it!

The mini-pancakes are super cute!!! (not sure how filling this would be but --- I love them anyways!). I am surprise at how many examples you were able to find. Matt is a bit worried about quantity for his big friends (making sure everyone is full---but i still think this can be achieved) We will just ensure that every food item is made with protein poweder :) LOL! thanks for being you!

Down and Out Chic said...

those mini little pancakes are the cutest things!

angela said...

haha as though protein is an option for a wedding that involves Matty!

angela said...

I posted before seeing Jen's comment - how did I guess?

And Jen, you know Mike will pack his own chicken breasts anyway!

Callie Grayson said...

mmm, i am so drooling now. It all looks so good!

Courtney said...

I'm glad you're all as excited about these finger foods as I am.

Jen: I think if you also had a "barren of beef" station or table of roast chickens the protein department would be taken care of! : )

Jennifer said...

It all looks delicious...
It makes me want to get married or at least throw a party organized by you!

Courtney said...

Jennifer: done and done. A party in June?

shokutsu said...

Flattered that you thought one of our photos would be representative of what you were trying to express in your post. Appreciate the credit back to our site!

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