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I am very excited to announce a new beauty feature that I will run occasionally on the blog.

My plan is to feature products, interview professionals from the hair & makeup world, and spotlight current bridal style trends. My hope is that this feature will provide inspiration to brides while also showcasing some of our amazing local talent.

. . .

On that note, it is my pleasure to introduce Make Up Artist Amanda of Look So Beautiful Make Up. Amanda was kind enough to answer a few questions and provide a bit of her professional advice.

Why would you suggest a bride get makeup done professionally versus DIY?

I think on a bride's big day she should be pampered, and not have to worry about a thing. Getting makeup by done by an artist also ensures the makeup will last all night long, her skin will be flawless and glowing and special touches like false eyelashes make eyes pop in photos.

What is the most popular or most requested look?

My most requested look is just to enhance what the bride already has. So nothing to dramatic, just a natural look so the bride still looks like herself. For eyes Browns, golds, and neutrals and for lips and cheeks, peaches and corals. I like to make sure the skin is flawless, face is highlighted in just the right places and that her eyes stand out and the lips look full and kissable. ;)

Any style predictions for 2010?

I'm getting more and more requests for a vintage look. Brides are wanting classic red lips and a bit more of a smokey eye.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is all around. I like to keep up with magazines and runway shows. I read up on other artists I admire such as Bobbi Brown and Pat Mcgrath. I try to stay in the loop by attending pro classes. Sometime I'll open up a magazine and whatever page it lands on is the look I have to try on myself.

Do you have any favourite celebrity looks or ad campaigns?

I love the looks/makeup of Gwen Stefani, Charlize Theron, and Angelina Jolie.

One website I love that doesn't have anything to do with weddings, but everything to do with fashion, is Carolines mode I check it out every day.

Where do you typically work? Will you travel?

I usually do consultations at my home in the West End, then on the bride's big day, I will travel to wherever they may be. (I'd even travel to Hawaii if you really needed me to)

How does the type of ceremony {indoor versus outdoor} and the season {Summer versus Winter} affect a bride's make up?

The main concern for outdoor weddings is to weatherproof the makeup, but even if it's indoors, the bride will be dancing the night away so regardless so I use PRIMERS!! As far as Summer weddings, the bride's makeup is usually a bit more natural while for winter weddings it's more dramatic. In the end, a bride will always look like a glamourous, romantic goddess.

What is the most noticeable difference between DIY make up and pro make up?

Well there are some non-pro girls that can do an amazing job with their makeup; however a pro can make it last, make it show up in pictures, make sure it is weather (and cry) proof and a pro will make you look STUNNING.

What advice do you give to brides and their wedding parties?

Don't be left out...do get your makeup done too! Also, be prepared to carry things such as blotting papers and lip touch ups for the bride. I always give the bride a little jar with her custom blended lip color and lip brush so she can touch up during the day.

How did Look So Beautiful Makeup come to be?

I’ve been in the entertainment industry for a number of years and I always got my make up done for photo shoots. I would always ask the make up artist what she did, how she did it and why. I would practice looks on my mom and my friends. It came quite naturally to me so I decided to take my make up passion one step further and enrolled in the Blanche Macdonald make up artistry program, graduating with honours. From that point I wanted to share my abilities and love for make up with others, thus leading to Look So Beautiful Make Up. I still sing in my band Traces of Eve. (You can listen to us here).

Please share a sample of your bridal portfolio with us.

I am starting to get booked up for the 2010 Season but would love to talk to any brides to be!!

E: amanda@looksobeautiful.com
W: www.looksobeautiful.com
T: 778.847.1091

Thank you so much, Amanda, for your incredible advice and professional perspective.

{All photos are courtesy of Amanda Sellers}


swoon said...

Ahhhhhhh Coutrney and Amanda I am sooo excited for you both!!!! Sooo crazy how small this world is!!!

swoon said...

Ok wait now I am mad at Amanda for not using my pic!!!!!

Courtney said...

Ha Ha - thank you for the introduction! *I can certainly add that one, if you like!*

Life is Love Cherish Life said...

Haha No I am just bugging Amanda to be a brat! I love the segment and you blog as always.....my ugly mug would ruin it!!!!

Courtney said...

I beg to differ! :)

Courtney said...

That was a great interview, and all her bride's look beautiful! My mom's best friend is a makeup artist, and she did my makeup for my wedding. I truly had not thought much about whether to use a professional for my makeup before, but I am so glad I did.

Courtney said...

Thanks for your comment, Courtney! Isn't her work lovely. It does make such a difference to have your make up done by someone who knows what they're doing, doesn't it!?

Lavender and Lilies said...

Thanks for the post. Makeup is not my forte so I loved the images.

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