{Designer Love} NIXXI

The sunshine and melting snow have me yearning for comfortable-yet-stylist clothing in soft and sustainable fabrics. Luckily, I didn't have to look too far to find my answer...

I became smitten with NIxxI after visits to my favourite Vancouver boutique Body Politic and I have fallen.in.love with their 2010 Spring/Summer Collection.

NIxxI, a Vancouver based eco-conscious designer, will be featured at this year's Vancouver Eco Fashion Week. I am trying to work some scheduling magic so I can be in attendance; regardless, there will be some serious BP shopping in my near future. {These pieces will fit perfectly in my closet}

Here are a few of my favourite everyday pieces from Spring/Summer 2010:

. . .

Check out the Vancouver Eco Fashion Week website for featured designers, ticket information, and schedule.
Follow them on facebook + twitter.


Callie Grayson said...

oh, I do hope you can go! this collection is brilliant... so would love to have a few pieces in my closet.

Down and Out Chic said...

i loooove that hoodie/vest. perfect for the spring!

Nicole said...

I am SO very excited for the new spring Nixxi collection to arrive in the store. We started carrying Nixxi at body politic this past fall and could barely keep anything in stock!
Hope you can make it to Eco Fashion event on February 19th. This town is *more* than ready for an Eco Fashion Week!

Courtney said...

Glad you love this designer, Callie and Christina. I couldn't not share their work!

Nicole, I'll be visiting you again soon to snag a few pieces! Love.Love.Love. this designer. (and I agree: Vancouver and Eco Fashion Week seems like a perfect pairing)!

Thank You so much for your comments!

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