stamp happy {2}

I've been meaning to get back into paper-crafting (cards, notes, etc) but needed somewhat of a "creative push" in that direction. Low and behold, Elise has created a pop up stamp shop to do just that: inspire. She has designed an arsenal of adorably fun stamps to use on photos, cards, marking papers, grocery lists, etc, etc, etc.  I can't wait to receive mine (I ordered stamps 1 + 2).

Visit her pop up shop for more information and additional stamps.

(Images courtesy of Elise Blaha: today is, this, that's what she said).


Victoria said...

These are fun. Always good to get some new stamps for a little creative work.

Angela Turner said...

I NEED (definitely need, not want) the "That's what she said" stamp.

...would it be weird to ask for it for Mother's Day?

Courtney said...

Victoria: I agree. A collection of fun stamps + a trusty stamp pad are wonderful things to have around.

Ang: Not weird at all. In fact, I'm quite sure Lyla would pick this out for you if given the opportunity.

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