The Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins

So March came and went and - since we're being honest - I have to admit that I spent most of the month with my nose in a book. More specifically, one of these three books. The Hunger Games trilogy was on my list of books to read for quite some time; I regret not starting it earlier. I devoured every page, enjoying Katniss' every thought and marvelling at each piece of creatively incorporated symbolism, irony, and social commentary. Suzanne Collins is fantastic. Without saying anything further, not wanting to give anything away, I would recommend this book to anyone. I plan to re-read the trilogy shortly.

Also, I've seen the movie twice already. It's fantastic and worth the cinema lineups. I promise. (I officially have a crush on Josh Hutcherson and I want to be BFF's with Jennifer Lawrence). That's all.

Have you read the books? Seen the movie? Has the series taken over your life as it has mine? What's next on your to read list?

Looking back... what I read in January & February.


Jennifer said...

Just finished Margarita Nights by Phyllis Smallman. It was a scandalous murder mystery without a lot of spice!

Jessica Luch said...

(ugh I wrote something out and it got deleted!) I loved the movie, I just saw it a few days ago!!! I think I'll start the books now. Would you suggest, since I saw the movie, to skip the first book and jump into the second? Or does the movie leave out a lot of important stuff from the first book?

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