the rundown: 2012 (check in #1)

As per usual, I've let the months get away from me. It's half way through April which means we're almost 1/3 of the way through 2012! For this reason, now is as good a time as any for a status update on my 12 goals for 2012. Go!

1. Complete [one] wedding-related DIY project per month between January and August.

{status update} My goal was to start these project and complete them one.at.a.time. So far I've started 3 of the 8 projects I have planned and the napkins pictured above are almost completed. As soon as each project is finished I will post about the ups, (melt)downs, and everything in between. I am confident I'll have everything finished as long as I can model a little focus.

2. Write one sentence a day for 365 days... and then for another 4 years thereafter.

{status update} I'm happy to report that I'm up to date on my daily entries! Although some days I could fill the entire page and other days I could enter a single word ("blah" comes to mind), it's been an interesting exercise in exploring the comings and goings of daily life. I am so looking forward to years 2, 3, 4, and 5 to look back and remember what I did or didn't do each day.

3. Work out [three] times a week and do yoga [once] a week.

{status update} With a form fitting wedding dress to fit into this coming September, let's just say this one is a priority. That being said, I've never been one to crash diet or work out 5+ times a week. I've found a manageable balance and I'm enjoying the results: my clothes look better and my energy is higher, it's a win-win. I'm currently attending 2 boot camp classes a week with my partner-in-crime and fellow September bride, Jennifer, and although I'm on a studio yoga hiatus (my favourite instructor is having a baby next month) I'm stretching regularly on my own. Also, Spring means walking, hiking, and jogging with my favourite 4-legged friend outside: my favourite.

4. Try [one] new recipe a month.

{status update} Hurray! Ben and I have tried a new recipe each month, 3 of the 4 being winners. (I'll share links to them soon, I promise). This goal has been a fun challenge to help us think outside the box when it comes to meal planning. We're still working out the "who cooks, what night" details to make dinner time a more seamless production but until that is mastered, we're having fun, even if we don't eat until 9 pm.

5. Organize my art room.

{status update} Clearly, I should have made this a goal some time ago. Already, this room has seen a new coat of paint, re-organization, and developments in the storage department. It's a prettier, more inviting space, with a few DIY projects in the works to make it a space I frequent on a daily basis. Everyone should have a creative-friendly space to play in.

6. Run a Half Marathon in May.

{status update} Crap. Here is where the triumphs end. I gave this one as valiant an effort as I could and I've come to one conclusion: at this time in my life I don't enjoy competitive running. Sure, one can suggest that running a Half Marathon isn't necessarily a competitive experience; in my opinion, however, it is. I'm a competitive person by nature, mainly with myself. When I set out to do something, I do it. I do it even if I have to go through hell to finish. For this reason, walking away from this goal is particularly difficult. I still feel like I'm letting myself off the hook and it stings; however, I'm also open to the possibility that one day I may be interested in running a half marathon. Until then, I'm going to run like Phoebe through Central Park with the brunette in the photo below.

7. Document our wedding planning adventures on the blog.

{status update} Eeps. This is one I want to get better at. As the projects start completing, look for more wedding posts. PS: isn't my bridal party beautiful? (This photo is missing a very important Angela).

8. Read at least [six] of the books currently in my pile.

{status update} I've been reading up a storm lately. Feel like following along? Check out the C Star Events Book Club tab.

9. Watch one documentary a month.

{status update} The first three documentaries we've watched have been great: Food, Inc, The Whale (read more about this one here), and The Union. We're taking recommendations for April's pick.

10. Eat more cleanly.

{status update} I can safely say, our intentions to eat more cleanly and to purchase quality over quantity have started to pay off. I wouldn't say we're saving any money at the grocery store; however, we have FAR less food waste (and knowing we're consuming higher quality products is enough a reason to be more cautious, in my opinion). This is something I've become quite passionate about so I plan on exploring this topic further in future posts.

11. BE Original. BE Authentic.

{status update} I'm trying to incorporate this into my every-day reflections and interactions with others and it's helped with approaching situations objectively and honestly. I'm learning to say no and I'm learning to give myself realistic guidelines. This comes down to budgets, time frames, and manageable workloads. It's a daily battle for someone who considers herself a "Yes Man" but I'm working to get there.

12. Learn more about photography and how to use my camera.

{status update} I didn't add a by/when indication for this one as I'm not sure when I'll have the time to sit down and learn the mechanics of my trusty camera. I'm enjoying playing and practicing (I recently shot photos of the Healing Hearts event for Lisa McCauley which was great); much more work to come on this one. Stay tuned...

There we have it. A glimpse into life as I know it, live it, and stumble through it. I'm interested in knowing how your New Years Resolutions/ Goals are going? Are you still working towards any? Are there any that you have changed? Removed entirely?


Andrea Peterson said...

Love, love, love this update :)

Courtney said...

This whole resolution thing is easier said than done. Phew!

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