Portland, Oregon

So my sister, my mama, and me went to Portland for the Easter long weekend and had an amazing time. As I read on a fabulous bumper sticker, Portland: more than just beers, beards, bikes, and books. Fortunately, we were able to experience 3 of the 4 B's and then some.

Here are some of the highlights of our trip:

Powell's Books: simply put, Powell's Books is heaven on earth if you are a book lover. One could spend hours perusing the shelves of classic and contemporary favourites organized by title and offered in various versions, new and used. I picked up a couple of classics that I didn't have in my collection yet; I can't wait to read them. If you go: make sure you give yourself enough time.

Deschutes Brewery: when in Portland, one must do as the Oregonians do. This typically means being awesome and enjoying a plethora of amazing IPA's and other delicious brews. Ben, Bauer, and I spent some time on the Deschutes patio/ sidewalk last summer and had a great time so I made sure we made a stop on this trip, too. If you go: make sure you get a seat at the window or, better yet, the patio to enjoy the sunshine.

Fratelli Ristorante & Bar: As a treat, one of my mum's BFF's from high school picked up the tab for our Saturday dinner. It was the sweetest gesture and we enjoyed a delicious and authentic Italian dinner at Fratelli. If you go: make a reservation. (We were lucky enough to sneak in without one but it was busy all night).

Other highlights: brunch at Kenny & Zuke's (AMAZING), a birthday surprise (more on this later), wedding shoes: purchased, wedding project supplies: purchased, sunshine, and girl time. All in all it was just what the doctor ordered. Let's make sure we do this again, soon.

Love you mum. Love you J. Thanks for a wonderful weekend.

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Jennifer said...

I had a wonderful time and it will have to be done again soon. Maybe a new location? Maybe we should head down the border a bit further and hit up wine country.

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