50 Memories

This year our mum turned 50. To acknowledge and celebrate this milestone, my brother, sister, and I attempted to brainstorm the perfect gift.  Jewelry, artwork, and other “traditional” gifts ideas were tossed around; however, as soon as I stumbled upon this post and the thoughtful project it contained, we were inspired and knew what we had to do.

We called upon those closest to our mum: her friends - old and new, her family - near and far, her co-workers - past and present, and her children - biological and those acquired over the years through their friendships with the three of us kids.   We asked for memories, photos, and birthday wishes and this group of fabulous individuals delivered, fifty-fold.

Each memory was stuffed into an envelope and collected in a stack that Jenn and I presented to Mum when we were in Portland celebrating her birthday.  Envelope after envelope was opened and she had no idea whose memory she was going to open next.  It was a joyful and emotional trip down memory lane.

Besides watching my mum reflect on 50 amazing trips around the sun, the coolest part of this process was reading the reflections others had on her.  It was such an honour seeing my mum though the eyes of others, many of which knew her before I was even born.

Thank you to each and every one of you who submitted a memory, birthday wish, or photograph.  This set of photos only begins to capture the emotional roller coaster your envelopes took her on. 
It's safe to say her heart is very full.

There was a resounding theme to the letters. Almost every one included at least one of the following words to describe or celebrate mum:  laughing, dancing, singing, giving, generous, and kind. She is all of those things. And much, much more.

Happy 50th mum. 

Big love. Big, big love.

(Our interpretation was based on the "60 Memories" project featured on Nothing But Bon Fires).


Andrea Peterson said...

I love this, what a thoughtful and awesome gift!

Jennifer said...

Was such a great weekend. We should do it every year with a new location each time :)

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