wedding snapshots.

Two of my favourite people got married last Saturday and it was perfect. The love was radiating, the cocktails flowing, and the dancing never ending. Well, eventually it ended... just before 2 am early Sunday morning.

You could feel the love between this amazing couple. Jen & Matt also have the innate ability to make each and every person in the room feel special. Which they did. I am so honoured to have been asked to stand up with my beautiful friend Jennifer along side the most amazing bridal party that ever was. I love you girls and I know that we will be celebrating our bridal party anniversary for years to come.

Congratulations to Matt & Jen. Your love is crazy beautiful and altogether inspiring.

I can't wait to share some of the beauties that were captured by this talented soul and her amazing second shooter.


Sammy said...

Looking at these lovely snapshots and reading your beautiful post brought tears to my eyes :) Our dear friends' wedding was absolutely perfect! Jen got some fantastic shoes and Matt created a new dance move... that's what they would deem a success!

As for the bridal party anniversary- how does a one week anniversary sound? I miss you already my dear!

Courtney said...

This makes me very happy. I'd say this one was an all-around success. Maybe even a masterpiece.

I cannot wait for YOUR special day, my friend. It will have it's own share of "new and unique traditions," I'm sure. I miss you already, too. You are always welcome to come visit the homestead in Kamloops!

Big Love,


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