sun care + faux glow

In keeping with today's safe sunning theme, I wanted to share a few of my favourite products that will protect your skin and add a faux sun-kissed glow.

sun protection.

I wear sunscreen in my moisturizer 12 months out of the year.

My favourite under-all protection is Clinique's City Block Oil-Free Protector (SPF 40). It is weightless and it doesn't sting if when you accidentally get it in your eye.

Skoah's Face Skotian (SPF 30) is another of my go-to's because it's light and it smells good (& they are a BC-based company!).


Bronzer is fun. Unless your Snooki.

My favourite all-over bronzer is Mac's "Refined Golden" Bronzing Powder. I've been through/ smashed about 4 compacts thus far and I'm on the market for my next.

Lorac's TANtalizer is an amazing, amazing product. Grace Potter uses it so I use it. Enough said.

Here is a great article outlining what to look out for when it comes to sunscreen safety.

Do you wear sun screen and/or bronzer? What are your favourite sun care or bronzing products?

(Photos courtesy of Clinique, Skoah, Lorac via Sephora, and Mac via Style Hop).

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Chase Mcumber said...

I do prefer using sunscreen during summer, although it's surprising that you use such products more frequently. When did you start using it? My sister would love the bronzing powder here. She said she wants to try out a bronze look for the summer, and I think I just might get her one.

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