Melanoma Awareness.

The wife of my oldest friend recently lost her courageous battle with melanoma.

Although I wasn't fortunate enough to have known her better, her story touched me. So did the nature of this disease. Up until very recently I'm sorry to say that I was absolutely ignorant to the effects of melanoma. This fact scares me because I know I am not alone in my ignorance. For this reason, I am sharing this message through every outlet I possibly can in hopes that - through education and awareness - this aggressive disease can be overcome.

I am thoroughly impressed with the work of The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund and suggest that you visit their site. At the very least, please watch the video they produced and spread the word.

Big love, Reba. Your beautiful spirit lives on through the countless lives you touched, especially Nick's. For that, I will be forever grateful. xo.

(Film by The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund).

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