An Up themed baby shower

A few months ago Stephanie and I threw a shower for Angie & baby T. Keeping the little one's impending arrival in mind, I figured now was as good a time as any to (finally) get around to posting this fun little party.

Since Angie is a fan of everything Disney and baby T's nursery was styled with Disney Pixar's Up in mind, it was a natural choice to use this film as inspiration for her shower. It also allowed us to have fun with decorations and food.


We kept things quite simple and offered a mid-day spread of chicken salad sandwiches, veggies & dip, salads, pinwheels, crackers & cheese, and other munchies. Our sweets consisted of cookies, candies, a doughnut 'cake', and cupcake 'balloons' (these just happen to be the cutest thing ever. the template for the 'Up' house can be found here).


We offered cucumber water, coffee, tea, and punch.


I picked up various swatches of quilting fabric and sewed together a few strings of triangle bunting. This was surprisingly easy and once I got going it took no time at all: I hand-cut the triangles in various fabrics, ironed a small fold at the end, and then sewed them to rik rak. We also - of course - incorporated helium balloons which are always fun, easy, and cheap. Throw in a few fun candles and some streamers and you have yourself an Up-themed party.

parting notes:

Angie, it is clear your daughter is going to be the best-dressed (not to mention most socially-aware and well-dispositioned) child on the playground. It may or may not have something to do with the fabulous females she will be surrounded with...

Ms. Stephanie, it was a pleasure throwing this party with you; you are fantastic. I can't wait until baby T is one to do this all over.

Big Love.

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