etsy gift guide: the nephew.

Our sweet nephew turns 1 today (happy birthday, Michael! we love you) and I have quickly realized that one year olds are even more fun to shop for than newborns!

I have been scouring etsy since before this beautiful child was born so - needless to say - I have amassed quite a collection of awesome things. Without sounding too much like Oprah, these are a few of my favourites...

skittles set by Wee Waldorf

Arctic Animals Poster by Banquet.

giraffe print booties by Bug-a-booties

Bicycle Prints ( in English, Italian, and French) by English Muffin.

Sock Monkey by Lil Hipsters.

What is your favourite gift to give a toddler? They seem to enjoy almost anything they can get their hands on, don't they!?

(Photos courtesy of their corresponding etsy shops).

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