Boardwalk Empire NYE Party: the main event

This post must be prefaced with the following statement: we associate with some pretty fantastic human beings. B and I are so lucky to be able to call these beautiful people our friends.

Now... onto the party.

The D├ęcor: As I wanted to ensure our fabulous costumes were the focal point, I was selective with decorations. To establish a vintage and whimsical 1920's feel, I looped paper chains from the ceiling in the living/ dining room and lit white candles throughout the space. Confetti and black + white balloons were scattered all over the house (& subsequently in the snowy backyard). The white, silver + gold ornaments left over from Christmas added the perfect final touch.

The Party People: I've learned that when I give my friends a challenge they will deliver. Since everyone arrived the afternoon of the 31st we were able to get ready together. It was a riot: a flurry of pearls, boas, toy guns, and hats. The end result was priceless and everyone looked absolutely fantastic.

In case you're wondering, yes, that is Ryan and, yes, he's bleeding from the mouth. It was an accident.

The Goods (aka Food & Drinks & Entertainment): In true 1920's fashion, we toasted the night away with a seemingly endless supply of champagne. We also got creative with a make-your-own-martini-bar; this became a crowd pleaser and several of the guests asserted themselves as mixologists. The kitchen was a revolving door wherein easy appetizers (egg rolls, cheese platters, dips, etc) were prepared throughout the night. Aside from the traditional game of Roxanne (it's "legendary" in this house), we played (and made up) some board games.

The Countdown: We piled into the backyard, lit sparklers, clinked champagne flutes, and set off confetti canons. How else would you ring in NYE?

Photos courtesy of my wonderful friends Angela + Sarah.


Sammy said...

Hurray the most eagerly awaited for post is here! It was a FANTASTIC party and I can't thank our hosts enough :) Beautiful decor and even more beautiful people!

Also, I greatly appreciate you posting pictures from the beginning of the night- it makes us look like classy people ;)

Jennifer said...

SO nice to finally see this post. Looks like a ball, sister.

Beautiful people, great idea!

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