little girl love

A certain couple we know is expecting their first child.

I can't wait for this baby, affectionately known as Delilah (short story: mama + papa bird are keeping the baby's name under wraps so I gave their unborn daughter a pretty name for the interim), to be born... particularly so I can dress her in outfits from The Measure's Midsummer Nights Dream collection.

Not only are these outfits adorable, they are also ecologically sustainable: many of the pieces are made with 100% upcycled, repurposed men’s button-up shirts. With that I have to ask, when did little girl's clothing become more fabulous than women's?

Photos courtesy of The Measure via The Senses Five.


Angela Turner said...

SWOON. I especially love the apron pinafore! Almost as lovely as you are.

Ahh such exciting times ahead!


Nicole said...

Love this! How adorable. Love chic clothes for kids. Wishing I could bend the gender rules for my nephew right about now! ;)

Courtney said...

Angie, just wait for dress up time... just wait. I love that apron, too. The colours and patterns in this collection are priceless.

Nicole, I can sympathize; have a nephew, too, and the clothes just don't do it for me. They're adorable because they're small and they look like little men; however there's something so fun about dressing up a little girl. We'll have nieces one day. ;)

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