Inspiration, etc.

I have been dreaming of creating myself an inspiration board as of late. The likes of this one, will do nicely.

I love this desk and everything on it.

Do you have an inspiration space/ place/ board? How is it organized? Where is it?

Photo by Sara Svenningsrud via Residence + Scandinavian Chic.


Anonymous said...

I do have an inspiration board which just got cleaned off today - time to start over! It's in my den which is becoming a dressing room/closet...dream.come.true. (or at least getting there!) :)
It's actually an old (handmade by my grandfather) HUGE cork board that was my grandmothers. She used to hang her jewellery from it.

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, your den sounds fantastic. Your family is far too awesome - first the vintage lace handkerchiefs and now an inspiration board? Perfect.

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