Press Here.

Confession: I love children's books. Especially clever ones.

As soon as I read about the concept of Hervé Tullet's PRESS HERE on Poppytalk, I was hooked. So hooked, in fact, I started a list of the kiddos I can buy this for. (It is available on Amazon.ca, in case you were wondering)

The story is interactive, asking the reader to press, blow, and shake the book before turning the pages. All one needs to do is watch the faces of the children in the video to understand...

Photo + Video via Poppytalk.


Nicole said...

I saw this out in the blogosphere and LOVED it but I thought all the lil uns I know are too young.
Epiphany right now: I can buy it for the store!! Woohoo for store appropriate child entertainment :)

Courtney said...

Confession: I want to buy one for myself.

PS: If you buy one for the store, it will be one more think for me to look at. I may never leave.

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