Help Japan.

I have taken almost a week to blog about Japan. I think I was initially waiting for the right words to come to me to describe the images, news coverage, and devastation that has plagued this country. The words haven't come and I have since realized that I may not be able to find these words for some time. And that's OK.

What I can do is find ways to HELP. And so can you.

There is community of bloggers that has pulled together to do some amazing things. Besides contributing to the relief efforts of the Red Cross and World Vision, we can purchase such thoughtful pieces as this print, created to raise funds and awareness for the relief efforts in Japan.

There is a minimum donation of $25, although you have the ability to donate more. 100% of the profits are going to the Red Cross. (Click here to visit the donation page).

Have you made a donation to Japan, yet? If so, how?

Prints & Photos via W+K Studio.


Angela Turner said...

Ry and I both texted our donations to Red Cross - it is crazy easy! You just text ASIA to 30333. $5 is added to your phone bill for each text. It literally takes under a minute.

I'm sending love and positivity their way whenever I can. Something has gotta give soon, these people have been through way too much.

Big love lady.

PartyChef said...

To a country and people I have deep love and sympathy for

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