Sunday Sweetness {xiv}

{Getty images via Vancouver Sun}

Could there be a better way to end the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? A Gold Medal in men's hockey, Canada's beloved sport. After 90-minutes of quality [nail-biting] hockey against the USA, the game was forced to OT and our Sid-the-Kid proved golden in the clutch. So awesome.

Oh Canada!

As we all come down from our Olympic highs with a newfound sense of Canadian [+ British Columbian] pride, it's amazing to look back on the past two weeks and reflect on the unbelievable moments that made up the 2010 Olympics.

What were your favourites?


Vancouver, 2010

{Images via Aritzia + Vintage Paper Parade}

I'm here for a good time. Not a long time. So I'm gonna have a good time because the sun can't shine everyday (especially in Vancouver).

Let's go CANADA!

postcards and pretties = perfection

I'm absolutely smitten with postcards and pretties. The site is bursting with inspiration for brides (and non-brides alike); it has become one of my daily stops. Chris' eye for colour palettes and beautiful things is impeccable, especially with this board.

{board courtesy of postcards and pretties}

You see, I'm saving this one for the one-day-wedding-of-my-own as this board has B + me written all.over.it. (The board's name alone rings true to our complex style: black-tie bbq).

Make sure to check out the blog and the flickr page for more amazing boards.

[Photo Credits and Links for this board can be found here].


sunshine, love + rock and roll

If you know me you no doubt know about my girl crush on Jessie Baylin. Love her music; love her style. She's all around wicked awesome (I've met her & can attest to that) and has recently married the drummer from an equally awesome band (maybe you've heard of them). Needless to say, I was ecstatic to find their wedding featured on Once Wed.

The phenomenal Tec Petaja captured their laid back wedding perfectly. The couple's style is carried through from the ceremony to the final dance, in the decor, attire, and menu.

I need not say any more: the photos speak for themselves.

{Photos courtesy of Tec Petaja}

Jessie's hair and make up are the epitome of understated glamour, a look so perfect for a glowing bride.

More photos can be found on Once Wed & Tec Petaja's site.


The Dress, Part 2

Remember this dress? Although it's still my number one, this lovely number may give it a run for its money. {Clearly, I have a thing for tea-length dresses}.

It works so perfectly with this bride's classic style, don't you think? I love her white pumps and pretty veil.

Besides this gorgeous dress, the shop has some amazing wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.


Backyard Elegance

Since Matt & Jen are thinking about a backyard style reception, I have become particularly smitten with the gorgeous stylistic details used to accomplish this look and feel. Backyard does not need to mean basic. The following outdoor reception photos depict outdoor rustic glamour at its finest.

{Photos by Charlotte Jenks Lewis via 100 Layer Cake}

{photo by Jason and Anna via Love and Lavender}

{Sarah Yates}

{Sarah Yates}

The picnic tables, twinkle lights, and lanterns have my dreaming of warm summer nights dining al fresco.

Have you even been to an outdoor reception? What was the best/worst part about it?


Sunday Sweetness {xviii}

{Photos by Jose Villa}

Still in love, 65 years after saying their vows. A story that inspires us all. [Jose Villa, you are amazing].


Different shades of beautiful

Continuing right along with bridesmaid inspiration, I couldn't resist posting these lovely bridal parties. Their dresses are different but the tones and styles complement each other so well; the overall look is flawless.

Different dresses in different colours never looked so good...

... especially next to this gorgeous bride while frolicking in the surf

... & on this gorgeous bridal party basking in the Australian sunshine.

{All photos by Natasja Kremers}

PS: One day I would like to get married in Australia. and have photos taken by this amazing lady.
that is all.

Have a Happy Weekend.

Same Same but Different

I have become a huge fan of mismatched bridal party style (see it here) and I am thrilled that Jen is open to this idea. [I'm looking forward to the months of planning colour palettes ahead].

Mismatched bridal party looks can be accomplished in a number of ways; I've included one example below. In any event, these variations create a visually appealing motif and allow the most stylish of bridal parties to showcase their personalities.

Some options: different dresses in the same colour, different dresses in different colours, the same dress in different colours, or similar dresses in similar colours (shown here)...

{photos by Sean Walker via Style Me Pretty}

This look is clearly not for everyone but I'd love to hear your thoughts - either for or against it.

I think it works particularly well the larger the bridal party, don't you?


It's all about perspective...

Someone at work sent me this link and I think it's worth sharing (make sure your sound is on). More details on this video (& the video it was inspired by) can be found here.



I hope you are enjoying your Sunday cuddling, kissing, canoodling, and loving (which is - of course - the most important part of Valentine's day).

I couldn't resist sharing these adorable photos by the amazing JP and Joe Elario that I found on Green Wedding Shoes {Note: the photo was paired with Jen's awesome Love Mix. Check it out: it rivals mine & includes Joseph Arthur, Regina Spektor, and Greg Laswell... swoon}

Happy Sunday. Enjoy some:

{Photos by JP and Joe Elario via Green Wedding Shoes}

What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's & enjoy your Sunday?

Sunday Sweetness {xvii}

Remember this sweetness?

It's safe to say I have a soft spot for vintage cars & kissing couples.

{Sloan Photographers}

Note to self: please remember how amazing a vacant vintage car can be and make sure you get caught kissing in front of one more often.

P.S. Matt and Angie, you slay me. The 2009 collection this photo comes from in unbelievable.


Valentine Love Notes

I am a huge fan of cards (one of my resolutions is to send more of them), especially love notes. Because B. and I have lived apart at different times during our relationship, we've often sent letters and cards via snail mail. I've kept them (call me sentimental) as I treasure words written by one's hand far more than those in an email.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to tell the one you love how you feel and why you love them. The following are a few of my favourite note cards, perfect for the occasion.

{Dingbat Press}

{Chewing the Cud}

{City Light}

{Lily Jane Stationary}

... & my favourite:

{Simplesong Designs}

Did you write Valentines this year?


Mike & Jaime

I am so thrilled for one of my oldest and dearest friends, Jaime and her new fiance, Mike! These two are a riot; I can't wait to begin the planning process with them. {I'm tearing up just thinking about how happy I am for both Jen & Jaime}
I love you, girls. xo.


Sultry & Romantic

Although I am aware that the public either loves this woman or (really) dislikes her, this Vanity Fair spread from a few years ago is one of my most favourite shoots. Ever. (Truth be told, I am giving you a sneak peak into my personal wedding files with this post. I think this look is fantastic for bridal style and plan to model it the day I wed).

The pin curls, the stained lips, the dark nails, and the flawless skin are altogether sultry yet romantic and the perfect combination for a Valentine's look. Her wardrobe for this shoot rings vintage sexpot (& I swoon over that hat, those heels, and that white dress).

{photos courtesy of VF}

What are your thoughts on this look? Would you attempt it yourself (bridal or otherwise)?


A Valentine Mix Tape

I wanted to share some of my favourite Love Songs to celebrate heart week. I hope you enjoy.

What is your favourite love song, new or old?

Valentine Photo Shoots

I'm really enjoying the fabulous Valentines-themed-posts that are filling my head with inspiration + love. However, I feel like V-day has crept up on me this year. {Am I alone}?

I'm in the mood to spread the love {before love day passes} and I thought it was a fitting time to share some of my favourite Valentine-styled love shoots. I'm particularly loving:

Heart Confetti...

{photos by Simply Bloom Photography via Green Wedding Shoes}

Heart Balloons...

{photos by Sarah Yates}

... & Fields of Hearts.

{photos by Stephanie Williams via Love and Lavender}

There is something about hearts and the colours of Valentine's day that make me feel like a fourth-grader again. Happy Love Week, folks. Go and hug someone special.
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