Sunday Sweetness {xiv}

{Getty images via Vancouver Sun}

Could there be a better way to end the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? A Gold Medal in men's hockey, Canada's beloved sport. After 90-minutes of quality [nail-biting] hockey against the USA, the game was forced to OT and our Sid-the-Kid proved golden in the clutch. So awesome.

Oh Canada!

As we all come down from our Olympic highs with a newfound sense of Canadian [+ British Columbian] pride, it's amazing to look back on the past two weeks and reflect on the unbelievable moments that made up the 2010 Olympics.

What were your favourites?


Sarah Klassen said...

Truly one experience that can never be forgotten!

Undoubtedly, there were several moments that were so powerful. Virtue and Moir skating was such a major highlight for me -- I cannot watch it without having a few tears...From Alexandre, inspired by his brother to Joannie Bassette who lost her mother, just before her competition, to yesterday's game...so many moments, memories, and reasons to be thankful.


Anonymous said...


Courtney said...

Sarah - your comment is bang on. I will look back with so much Canadian pride and remember the goosebumps and tears I shed while watching these events for the first time.

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