Quail Bridal

How fun + pretty are these dresses from Quail Bridal?
I adore the style, the colours, and the textures. Any bridal party (or party girl) would look amazing in one. (Did I mention the colours are fantastic)?

The Peony Dress

Peony Top & Toasting Skirt

Toasting Dress

I'm digging on these dresses (& the shoot's styling) in a major way: ruffles, layers, and bows are just a few of my most favourite things (& just how adorable is their model)? Is it just me, or do you now want a pair of short lace gloves, too?


This Lovely City said...

Oh how lovely! Old pails with balloons tied to them?! Le Swoon!

The dresses of course are stunning! The Peony Dress is to die for! xo

Courtney said...

I know - the styling is just amazing! How sweet would an aisle lined with old buckets with balloons be?

I would love to wear that dress {+ there are too many colours to choose from}!

angela said...
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angela said...

ooh ditto on the ruffles, layers and bows! Super adorable.

The model sort of looks like Zooey Deschanel, no?

Courtney said...

Ang - that's what I thought, too! She actually looks a lot like her sister (who is on 'Bones').

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