Valentine Love Notes

I am a huge fan of cards (one of my resolutions is to send more of them), especially love notes. Because B. and I have lived apart at different times during our relationship, we've often sent letters and cards via snail mail. I've kept them (call me sentimental) as I treasure words written by one's hand far more than those in an email.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to tell the one you love how you feel and why you love them. The following are a few of my favourite note cards, perfect for the occasion.

{Dingbat Press}

{Chewing the Cud}

{City Light}

{Lily Jane Stationary}

... & my favourite:

{Simplesong Designs}

Did you write Valentines this year?


This Lovely City said...

How cute are these! I agree.. the last is also my favorite!

Happy Valentine's Day, Love! xo

angela said...

That e.e. cummings quote is familiar...where have I heard it before?

angela said...

p.s. the library check-out card? SO CUTE. Makes me nostalgic.

Courtney said...

I'm so glad you love these notecards (especially the library card - so sweet).

Ang, I knew you'd like that one & appreciate the e e cummings ; )

Diana said...

so cute! thanks for the feature! <3

Apt. #34 said...

These are all so fab. I really need to start collecting valentine's day cards - the non cheesey ones that is!

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