Sunday Sweetness {xvi}

{Punam Bean}

It is a dream of mine to plan an Indian Wedding but, to be honest, I'd settle for simply attending one. The vibrant colours, the touching ceremonies, and the all around jovial atmosphere is just amazing. I stumbled upon this lovely photograph by Punam Bean and instantly fell in love with the ceremony it's taken from. [See more here].

. . .

I found this photo during my brief "girl time" this morning.
B is hosting what I am affectionately calling a Man Party for Super Bowl.

Are you watching the game today? Hosting a man party? Need some last minute recipe ideas?

My favourites: here, here, and here.


Blair said...

Oh that would be a fun wedding to attend and plan!!! Hope you enjoyed the SB!

Courtney said...

Oh, wouldn't it? {You can't help but smile when you look at this photo, can you?}

SB was great! Thanks for stopping by, Blair.

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