Friends with Kids

I can't wait to see this Jennifer Westfeldt film (she wrote, directed, and stars in it). The cast looks amazing and I'm so excited to see the Bridesmaids-allum team up again; these beautiful people make damn hilarious films.

It looks like it hits theatres March 9, everywhere. Visit the official site for more information.

What is the funniest movie you've seen lately?


Our Wedding: Hair Inspiration

In keeping with my wedding modus operandi, my wedding hair inspiration is quite simple.

My original inspiration was Kelly of Bash, Please. I plan to have the front pieces of my hair pulled back while I'm wearing my veil and to let it out and loose when I take the veil off before the reception, similar to the photo on the right. I was also inspired by Kristen Wiig's Oscar style which I absolutely love (her ombre colouring is perfection).

I am so lucky that my amazing stylist Linda will be in attendance to work her magic and turn my mop hair into something beautiful.

(Images courtesy of getty images via glamour magazine, Erin Hearts Court via once wed, and Anna Roussos Photography via style me pretty).


Gold Initial Bangles

Aren't these gold initial bangles by Frosted Willow sweet? At $18.40 (CAD) a piece they'd make the perfect 'just because' gift for your favourite lady.

Visit Frosted Willow's shop for more personalized pieces.

(Image courtesy of Frosted Willow).


Our Wedding: DIY Projects

As a control freak hands-on bride, my goal is to ensure as many elements of our wedding as possible embody Ben's and my vision. I've had a few people look at the ideas I've presented and say "that's so you" or "that's so you & Ben"; it's one of the coolest things to hear and it makes me even more excited for our big day...

One of the ways we're hoping to accomplish this sense of personalization is through homemade, DIY, elements. I have a penchant for DIY projects and I quite often find myself taking on more projects than I can finish. For this reason, I keep reminding myself that there is an impending timeline and that I must be selective.

At this point, the projects on my list are as follows:

1. Napkins. I've ordered a batch of fabric in a delicious pattern to be turned into napkins for our reception. Although napkins are typically one of the last things a bride thinks about, I saw them as an opportunity to inject an element of pattern and boldness to our otherwise neutral tablescapes. Additionally, they are sustainable in that they will be used again (and - once washed - gifted to my helper bees).

2. Table Runners. I'm on the hunt for the perfect jute or canvas to embody the burlap look we're going for (minus the horrid smell). To add a little glamour to the rustic table runners, I'll be affixing vintage style lace to the edges (a la these beauties). I'm excited for these to be used again in our home and the homes of our friends and family.

3. String Globes. This was the first project that made it to my 'list.' I am in love with the look of these globes both hung separately and in clusters, like this example. At this point it's still a 50/50 toss up between white or hemp string; however, white might be pulling ahead. This project is going to be messy; therefore, I'll require a lot of plastic balls and willful hands of my wedding party and craftiest friends. (I will primarily be using this tutorial).

4. Boutonnieres. I fell in love with a style that's a little bit eclectic, a little bit whimsy, and altogether unique. It also happens to be a style that doesn't use any fresh flowers. For this reason, I have the ability to assemble the bouts beforehand. I will post status updates once I start this project (I'm hoping it proves to be as simple as I imagine).

5. Centerpiece Vases. I have officially started the collection of mismatched vases that will be used as our centerpieces. I'm working with our florist to determine the overall look; however, the plan for the vases is set and the eclectic collection of thrift store vases will receive a happy makeover shortly. Again, progress report to come.

6. Menu Board. One of my two crafty Uncle Dean's is assisting on this one and has acquired a pile of old vintage barn wood (swoon) that will be assembled, stained, and painted on to recreate this menu board. We'll be propping it up on an easel at the end of our buffet.

So. That's it. Gulp.

I have a few surprises up my sleeves; however, these are the projects you can expect progress reports on. As one of my 2012 goals, I intended to complete one project per month between January and August. To date, January and February have been filled will establishing this list and acquiring the supplies and help required to accomplish these goals, a feat in and of itself. From here on in, these ideas will become reality and I'm thrilled to share the process with you.

. . .

Side note: in poetic fashion, my dress arrived on Valentine's day. It is everything I dreamed of and looks great hanging in my closet.


Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars

I have been waiting for this video since the single was released weeks ago, not to mention the fact that I am in the process of making sure every person I meet listens to the Civil Wars (see: this post).

The adorable duo are recent Grammy winners (x 2!) and well on their way to becoming a household name; the fact that they are being endorsed by the likes of Adele and, now, Ms. Swift can only help garner well deserved recognition.

This video is so beautifully shot and I've never heard Taylor Swift perform a song better than this one.

PS: Are you as excited about the Hunger Games as I am (psst, it comes out March 23)?

(Video courtesy of Taylor Swift's VEVO Channel).


Paulova Ceramics

I recently stumbled upon Paulova Ceramics, a San Francisco-based etsy shop full of the handmade creations of Paula Lopez-Otero. As a huge fan of turquoise and white, these beauties are right up my alley. I love the clean simplicity of her work and her clever use of colour; any of these picks would be a very welcome addition to my kitchen (the salt & pepper bowls have been officially added to my wish list).

Visit her shop to see more of her work.

(Images courtesy of Paulova Ceramics: sugar jar | salt & pepper bowls | herb garden labels).

Let the Great World Spin, Colum McCann

I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to start Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann next. (Although I am excited to ready Then Again by Diane Keaton I wanted to break up the biographies).

I'm about half way through Let The Great World Spin and so far I'm really enjoying it. The book is a collection of unique stories, each one being a glimpse into the lives of various New York residents and an exploration into the characters' pasts, struggles, and personal demons. The stories are so well crafted that they cleverly intertwine throughout the book and loop back to one event on an August morning in 1974 wherein a tightrope walker embarks on a journey between the twin towers.

I can't wait to see where this story goes and how the characters are connected. It also makes me want to visit New York City again very soon.

Have you read this book? What are you reading now?

Psst... January's Book.


Vintage Wedding Love

If you haven't already seen (& swooned over) the photos from James & Aubrey's November wedding (captured perfectly by Brooke Schwab) I ask that you do so now as you will not be disappointed.

Although I don't know Ms. James personally - I've never spoken with her, let alone emailed her - I've followed her blog for quite some time. She pulls of vintage the way vintage is meant to be pulled off and her wedding embodies everything I imagined it would. And more. She looked stunning and her family, utterly adorable.

The full set of photos can be seen on James' blog Bleubird Vintage (part 1 + part 2) and also 100 Layer Cake (part 1 + part 2).

(Photo by Brooke Schwab via Bleubird Vintage).

Ian Cole

Ian Cole has one of the best websites I've seen in a while. His design talents aside, I was instantly captivated by the creative portrayal of his work through his interactive website. It's as though you are stepping into his designer mind and watching his projects unfold before your eyes.

As a fan of the letterpress (and of random, quirky, thoughts) I'm particularly smitten with his 73 Letterpress project. 73 nights in a row, Ian printed a thought on his letterpress, subsequently creating a collection of beautiful art.

While you visit his website to view this and other projects he's completed, I'll be trying to figure out how I can get my hands on one of these printed thoughts...

(Images courtesy of Field Notes, Ian Coyle; the second photo was taken by Lindsay Josal).


DIY Hearts.

In the spirit of Valentine's day, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite heart-themed DIY project ideas.

{1} I haven't used crayon shavings + wax paper to create the look of stained glass since grade school; however, I love the idea of making art that is so simple yet so pretty.

{2} This beauty has been on my "to craft" list ever since Kristina posted it back in 2009. I guess I could say I've been collecting corks ever since... maybe it's time to do something with them?

{3} I was recently gifted a sewing machine (thanks Grandma!) and I am looking for simple yet inspiring projects to get me back into practice. Enter: the purl bee's tutorial. I plan on attempting a few cards this weekend with some of the leftover fabric scraps I have (from Lyla's Up-inspired bunting)!

Is there any Valentine-inspired art on your agenda?

(Images and tutorials courtesy of Martha Stewart, Lovely Morning via 100 Layer Cake, and the Purl Bee).


Snapshots from California

Whew! Well that was a fantastic whirlwind of a trip. Ben and I are still savouring the many memories we made while in California where we filled our days with frozen yogurt dates at "Yo Life" with my cousin Sarah, a Jack and White concert at Hotel Cafe, meeting awesome & lovely new friends like Brooke White and her husband Dave, a sunny hike at Temescal park with a view of the ocean, lunch on the Santa Monica pier, an overnight stay in Santa Barbara, a Lakers game, an ALMOST taping of Conan, and lots and lots of family time (missed you, Erica)!

Sending big big love and many many thanks to our Californian family! We had an amazing time.

PS: Ben, when can we go back?

(Photos taken on my iPhone and processed in Instagram. psst... my username is courtneystarheim).
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