Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars

I have been waiting for this video since the single was released weeks ago, not to mention the fact that I am in the process of making sure every person I meet listens to the Civil Wars (see: this post).

The adorable duo are recent Grammy winners (x 2!) and well on their way to becoming a household name; the fact that they are being endorsed by the likes of Adele and, now, Ms. Swift can only help garner well deserved recognition.

This video is so beautifully shot and I've never heard Taylor Swift perform a song better than this one.

PS: Are you as excited about the Hunger Games as I am (psst, it comes out March 23)?

(Video courtesy of Taylor Swift's VEVO Channel).


Jen said...

Beautiful song. ---Thanks for sharing :)
I like how Taylor went a bit of a different direction, this song really showcases her voice.

PS--Super excited about Hunger Games. Is this the sound track?

Jennifer said...

I love the song. I just pretend that it is not T Swift singing

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