Green Christmas

Nothing says "Christmas" quite like fresh boughs of pine and the smell they fill the house with. Although many of us have opted for a faux pine Christmas tree this year, there is no reason why we can't enjoy traditional holiday greenery on a smaller scale. In fact, last night I realized I had subconsciously been researching ways of doing just that (evidence can be found on my holiday pinterest board).

If you're looking for ways of adding a little green to your home this holiday, here are a few simple & cost effective options. Bonus: they're low maintenance, allowing you to enjoy green without necessarily having a green thumb.

[1.] tree seedlings in champagne flutes are a unique, sustainable, and practical favour option for a holiday party or winter wedding.

[2.] simple arrangements of white roses + pine look beautiful in small cups, jars, or vases placed throughout the house.

[3.] rescue a fallen (or pruned) bough and put it in a large jar or vase to be enjoyed for weeks.

[4.] why not give out cards that double as decor? these mini wreath holiday cards are beyond sweet.

Do you decorate with greenery?

(Images courtesy of: Plant a Memory via Little Winter Bride; Better Homes and Gardens; photo by Patrik Hagborg for Hus & Hem via emmas design blog; photo by Lisa Warninger, concept & crafting by Tokketok, floral and styling by Chelsea Fuss for Frolic!).

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Interior Design said...

I always love green for Christmas. Yes it's fresh, relaxing and very Christmas. Nice post!

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