gift guide: stocking stuffers for her.

I had great intentions of putting together a collection of gift guides this year a la Joanna; however, I've been too busy enjoying various holiday festivities and nursing a head cold. Subsequently, what I'm offering you, my faithful blog readers, is a collection of my favourite stocking stuffers for him and her.

Ladies, first...

1. Voluspa Candles are my favourite and the holiday sent Frost Pinecone is deliciously festive. [Mini Tin Candle, $7.50 at Indigo].

2. As previously mentioned, salted caramels rule my world. This stocking stuffer is self-explanitory. [Ooh la la Salted Caramels, $20 at Indigo].

3. These little books have been popping up all over blog land and I understand why: who wouldn't love a small notebook to stash in your purse for sporadic note taking (or blog loving, in this case)? [Archie Grand for J.Crew notebook, $12 at J. Crew]

4. The last time I was at Sephora I fell in love with the wall of purse-size roll on perfumes they now offer. Brilliant and practical, pick one in her favourite sent or a new, fun, one like Kate Spade's twirl. [Twirl By Kate Spade Roll-On, $18 at Sephora].

5. Everyone should have at least one of these little pots of salve in their purse to combat chapped winter lips, add a little glow to cheeks, and moisturize dry cuticles. Best bang for your buck. [Rosebud Salve, $6 at Sephora].

6. My love for ban.do pieces grows with each addition they make to their online boutique; however, their signature sequin hearts are the simplest way of adding a little glamour to a tee or a tote. [ban.do heart, $15 at shop ban.do].

7. The Bay has played its cards right and has introduced a Top Shop in its Pacific Centre store. Lucky for everyone, they also offer pieces online. I love this crochet headband and the brilliant orangey-red colour it comes in. [TOPSHOP Carmine Crochet Cinch Headband, $18 at the Bay].

8. Mimosas and Christmas morning go together like Chocolate and Valentine's day. Why not gift her a mini bottle of your favourite champagne, sparkling wine, or prosecco to toast the season? [Freixent - Carta Nevada Brut, $4.72 at BC Liquor Stores].

What is your favourite stocking stuffer to give or receive?

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Jennifer said...

All great ideas, love them!!

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