gift guide: stocking stuffers for him.

Well, as previously mentioned, I had great intentions of creating a gift guide palooza; however, this year we're going with stocking stuffers (mostly $20 and under) for her + for him.

For the gentleman in your life...

1. I saw this at Chapters and laughed out loud. If I hadn't already co-ordinated the perfect gift for my little brother he'd be getting this in his stocking. There's nothing like a silly-yet-tasty treat. [coal candy, $8 at Indigo].

2. Fact: I steal Ben's socks 4 out of 5 mornings during the winter months. I'm planning on picking up a few pairs of thick wool socks for him/me. I wish I saw these earlier to order them in time for Christmas. [Camp socks, $19.50 at J. Crew].

3. I think Ben would do less complaining about my tea addiction if he tried a mug of chocolate chili chai. [Chocolate Chili Chai, $13.25 for a 100g tin at David's Tea].

4. Everyone (and some people's dogs) seem to have iPhones these days. What's more fun than having a second case to change it up from time to time. I love David Bushell graphic illustrations; don't they make great cases? [iPhone cases with David Bushell's illustrations, $39.95/ various at Uncommon].

5. The album that should be on everyone's wish list: The Black Keys, El Camino. That's all. [Album, $14.99].

6. Another gag gift that was too awesome not to include. Bathroom humour at its finest. [Matchboxes, $7.00 by dippy lulu on etsy.com].

7. On our Oregon trip last summer we learned that there are many delicious bottled root beers that we just. don't. have. here in Canada. This one was our favourite and I plan to pick up a case next time we're south of the border. [Bulldog Root Beer, various].

In case you missed it...

gift guide: stocking stuffers for her.

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