Summer Appetizers

I use the long days of summer as an excuse to make + eat food. all day. During the summer months B and I typically share one meal a day: a late dinner. The rest of the time we're enjoying snacks that we've thrown together, picked up, stopped in for, or - my favourite - guests have stopped in with. This year I am attempting to broaden my arsenal of go to's. These four delicious treats are at the top of my list as they incorporate the herbs that are surprisingly still growing I am currently growing in my garden.

bon appetit.

a redesigned caprese salad.

crispy sweet potato fries (& dip).

watermelon balsamic appetizer.

grilled shrimp with cilantro, lime, and peanuts.

Are you cooking this long weekend? What are your go to's?

(Photos & Recipes via The Party Dress, the Art of Doing Stuff, Show Food Chef, and Martha Stewart).


Angela Turner said...

You have just earned a katrillion bonus points with me for that sweet potato fries recipe. I make them from time to time, but have never perfected the crispiness factor.

And caprese salad is near the top of my list (after a little glass of vino and some tuna nigiri) for post-baby indulgences. Soft cheese here I come!

Keep the recipes comin'!


Victoria said...

I love the look and thought of eating all of these. Definitely going to give the shrimp a go this weekend. Thanks.

Lilacs In May said...

Oh yum, I will have to make all of those....drooling now.

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