Family Photos: the wardrobe.

If I had stumbled upon these photos of Gabrielle Blair's family without prior knowledge of her six (!) beautiful children, I would have assumed I was viewing the editorial spread for anthropologie's new kids line. Rather, I was viewing Design Mom's impeccably chic brood of adorable kiddos, captured - so brilliantly - by Sarah of Modern Kids Photography.

Beyond the gorgeous (film) photography, I was particularly impressed with this family's style (not to mention their ease in front of the camera). Quite often we have a hard time choosing the perfect outfit(s) for family photos, engagement shots, and other special occasions. Gone are the days of matchy-matchy, folks. Monochromatic palettes that stick within somewhat of a theme are the perfect way of looking put together without the cheese factor. Flowy beachwear and light, layered pieces are my current favourite interpretations of this look; incorporating various textures and patterns adds a personal twist.

As it is easier said shown than done, Gabrielle has provided us with her family's wardrobe details. I'm really loving the French Greys (the term she has affectionately coined for this collection) that she chose.

Do you have family photos planned for the near future? Are you finding it difficult to choose outfits?

(Photos by Sarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography via Design Mom).

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