summer fun: red.

As soon as it is officially "summer" I find it very difficult to stay in doors and focused at work.

How lovely it would be to throw on a new pair of TOMS, grab a friend, a blanket and a pitcher of strawberry lemonade and laugh the afternoon away in the sunshine.

Happy Thursday.

(Photos via Martha Stewart + TOMS).


Victoria said...

I'd join you. Sounds just what I need on a supposedly summer day here, where I have been soaked to the skin in the rain (3rd time this week during the school pick-up on the bike!).

Callie Grayson said...

I'm in for that! mmmm

Jen said...

looks and sound so good!

ps-- love the new look, its fabulous, and the summer posts "put a smile on my face"

Courtney said...

Yay - thanks for stopping by, ladies! I am itching for some sun + summer fun this weekend. I hope you all enjoy yours!



Lilacs In May said...


Jennifer said...

Can we soon, please?

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