Sequin + Stripes

How fun are these shorts? I love the unlikely but adorable pairing of sequins and stripes. Understated glamour at its finest.

These shorts would also look adorable with a cami & blazer paired with tights. So many possibilities. I think I need a pair. F21 trip, anyone?

Could I Have That?


Jennifer said...

Adorable! I spent all fall looking for a sequin skirt last year and finally found one to complete my new years outfit a week before the 31st but it was worth it, everyone loved it!

Sequins are the life of the party :)

Courtney said...

I remember that - that's why I knew you'd love these! I need a pair. If you're in F21 can you please pick me up a pair (in black).

Victoria said...

I love a little sparkly sequin as well. Not sure I could carry off the shorts very well, but I'd go for a sequined skirt or top teamed with something casual. I think the combination of sparkle and daywear are great together and we definitely shouldn't leave the sparkle for evening.

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