Gifted Magazine

So my plan was to get to bed early last night, maybe read a bit of my book and then drift off into a deep sleep that would leave me rested and relaxed for Tuesday. No dice. I stumbled upon this amazing magazine and spent the better part of the evening searching the endless links and bookmarking like a crazy woman.

Ez of Creature Comforts fame has put together a fabulous collection of delightful DIY's, gift guides, and link love in the aptly titled Gifted Magazine. The launch of this magazine is just in time for my favourite holiday season which - like it or not - is now upon us.

I must warn you: this is probably not the best thing to look at while at work as no work-related activities will be completed while flipping through these pages. You will, however, purchase/make the best gifts and wrap the chicest packages under the tree.

Gifted Magazine.


Ez said...

Oh how delightful! Thank you so much for your lovely write-up on Gifted Magazine here on your beautiful blog! I appreciate your kind support so much!
xo Ez

The Anthology said...

Ooooooh gorgeous! I love a good, inspiring magazine.

Will have to pick this up.


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