Commissioned Work by Miranda Karkling

Are you interested in a fantastic opportunity to have photos taken of you or of your favourite person/ animal/ thing? My dear friend Miranda Karkling is currently offering 1-2 hour sessions for $150.00.

Contact her to book before December twenty fifth (not to worry - the shoot can be scheduled in the New Year). A fun shoot would be the perfect Christmas gift, don't you think?

Details: included in the cost of your session, you will receive a disc with 25-40 of the best shots of the day edited by Ms. Karkling.

Exclusions: engagements + wedding photography.

Do you have ideas or need ideas for something that might be fun to shoot? Give her a shout (her creative ticker is running 24/7). But remember (!) you have to contact her before the 25th!

Photos courtesy of Miranda Karkling.


Anonymous said...

What a great post, and a great deal. Just saying.. :)

Corporate Photography said...

Love the really tight crop on the first image of the girl looking to camera. Grant

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