do it delicious.

I must preface this post by stating that I am not very comfortable in the kitchen. Nor am I someone who gets the urge to cook up an amazing meal. Even after watching hours on end of the food network.

That being said, I am so very pleased and uberly excited to state that I've found my new favourite recipe/ kitchen-help site: do it delicious. It's creator, Jessica Seinfeld, organized these tutorials and how to's for a friend who - much like me - couldn't cook and this new site is full of ideas, recipes, tips, and shopping guides. And it will only get bigger and better. (Ack! I can't wait to try this halibut recipe).

The site hasn't just received my humble attention. Oprah and Ms. Paltrow are both fans. Which means big things are to come. Side Note: please tell me you saw Gwyneth on Glee last night. Do you have Cee Lo stuck in your head like I do?

Image via do it delicious.

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