Simple Holiday [& Wedding] Decor

Although this post by All Things Lovely was meant to be Christmas-inspired, this table top provides some great ideas for Ryan & Angela's decor.

I love the use of pine cones, moss, and lanterns down the table runner: it makes for rustic elegance.

What's more, the whole concept is easy [and cost effective] to put together.
R&A: I really liked the idea given to you by the florist of having moss-filled pots holding your table names. How do you feel about the use of moss here? It's a bit unconventional but if done correctly I think it could be quite stunning.

Also, I think with strategic hits of eggplant this table would really pop.

[This photo does a great job of depicting one of the ideas I have for the curly willow].

A&R: We haven't talked about using pine cones in your decor; however, I think they fit in nicely with your motif. How do you feel about Pine Cones?
{a SIDE NOTE: You can collect a tonne of beautiful - and HUGE - pine cones in Kelowna in the summer time}

Images found on All Things Lovely.

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