I'm Stuck on These Labels

I was so excited when Jordan revealed her new business venture: Stuck Labels.

These labels are perfect for wedding favours as a personalized "thank you" message or a monogram.

On a Side Note: Jordan's business partner, graphic designer Karisa Winkel, has a beautiful wedding invitation collection.

[One of my favorite samples, the Nancy Wedding Suite, features a beautiful Magnolia design].

Images Courtesy of Oh Happy Day and Pretty Handsome Paper

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Anonymous said...

After my horrible experience with Karisa Winkel, I feel it is my responsibility to warn away other girls.

Whatever you do, do NOT work with Winkel. She is the opposite of accommodating, and although talented, will almost single-handedly ruin your wedding experience. No joke! She was so cold to me at one point, I was actually fighting back tears after one conversation. Her actual work (good, but not stellar) doesn't even begin to justify her prima donna behavior. You want your pre-wedding experience to be relaxing, and it won't be, if she's on-board.

Shop around a little more before you settle with Winkel. You know I had to have had a terrible experience, to go out of my way to post such a review.

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