For Ryan: Groom Inspiration...

Photo by James Day

Although the wedding is often referred to as 'the bride's day,' it is important to remember the guy waiting for her at the end of the isle who plays a small role in the affair...

Photo by Danny Weiss

We already looked at simple ways of adding personal touches to a groom's otherwise uniform style. However, I thought it would be helpful for grooms - like Ryan - to have helpful [& comical] resources for the Main Event.

Photo by Stacy Reeves

Polka Dot Bride's Polka Dot Groom series is an Amazing resource!

Polka Dot Bride's Favorite By-Groom-For-Groom Resources:

Photo by Next Exit Photography

{All Images found on Polka Dot Bride}


R and A said...

Finally came across this one! I'll have to peruse more while Im "working". I'm a loser and love cufflinks, so I'm going to use their idea and find some that are special and/or unique.

Courtney said...

I too love the look of cufflinks. I'm sure we could find you some awesome ones.

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