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Image courtesy of CECI New York

I found this image on Style Me Pretty and couldn't resist posting it.

Not only are they Ryan and Angela's initials {this Monogram was created for a 'Ryan and Angelica' if you can believe it}, but they are also in EGGPLANT!

For more Invitation and Monogram inspiration, check out CECI New York's Luxury Couture Collections: CECI Luxe, CECI Style, CECI Classic.

My Personal Favorite: a beautiful vintage New York- inspired set with lovely calligraphy.

You don't really know a woman until she writes you a letter.
Ada Leverson

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R and A said...

This looks like one of the original monograms I was experimenting with! Crazy! I used a block font and a cursive as well, but Ry thought it made him seem boring and static by comparison. I am going to be working on monograms in the coming days, so I will keep you posted!

Thanks for the inspiration!


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