Pie Love.


Image Courtesy of 2DishDesigns.

It seems as though our little 'Pie Bar' idea is growing in popularity as couples move away from the traditional wedding cake.

Here, Joanna Goddard discusses pie options and questions the apparent importance of feeding each other cake on the big day.

I personally love any alternative to a traditional Wedding Cake.
Dessert & pie bars, cupcakes, ice cream stations, candy bars, or any sweet finger foods become a memorable conversation piece and spare guests from watching the bride and groom smoosh cake in each other's faces.

Image Courtesy of Joanna's Friend Tasha's beautiful wedding via Martha


Miranda Karkling said...

never even thought to do anything other than a cake. i like the icecream bar idea for a summer wedding. also i just really enjoy the i love pie picture...want it on a t-shirt

Courtney said...

Click the link below the pic and you CAN have it on a t-shirt!

R and A said...

I pulled out my list today of the people we are going to wrangle...er...invite to bake a cake for the big day. We told Mike W. that his apple crumble is on the list, and he seemed up to the challenge! I really do love pie, and having an excuse to not have icing up my nose.


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