feeling inspi(red)...

I am loving the bird motif currently going on at Starbucks

As Christmas excitement sets in, I am attempting to prioritize my ever-increasing To.Do. list & maximize productivity.

Easier said than done.

That being said, I am excited to report a few updates [& a couple teasers] relating to the R&A Wedding...

  • We are in the final stages of booking our main Vendors!

  • The DIY Ideas we have planned are coming together nicely: I am excited to execute some samples, soon.

  • I am equally excited to report a successful visit to the Reception Venue: we clarified the questions we had & solidified some of our larger-scale ideas {the venue is bea.u.ti.ful, might I add}.

  • We are currently overwhelmed with our Motif: there is no shortness of ideas relating to rustic & romantic birds {more on that to come}...

I am also thrilled to announce a few developments with C Star events...

  • I am currently in the process of re-branding my company! {Stay tuned for more on this}!

  • I'm looking forward to working on a couple of smaller side projects for the holiday season and new year.

  • Recently, I pulled off my first [official] Corporate/ Non-Corprate Event! The evening went very smoothly and I have received all sorts of great feedback! [~big thanks are in order for Dayna: I couldn't have done it without all of her assistance].

  • C Star events is on the move {but you'll have to wait to hear more}!

As yesterday was World Aids Day, I wanted to include a couple of links that you may be interested in for your Holiday Shopping: (product)red and (red)wire are ways of buying gifts & giving back.

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