Unique Rustic Decor

Let me preface this by stating I love birch trees. They remind me of my childhood summers spent at my cabin and hold a special place in my heart. (I am aware that my love for branches, twigs, and anything else tree-related is apparent).

It's no surprise that I was enthralled with the following event design by Nest Event Loft when I spotted it on Erin ever After. The clever use of natural elements paired against the crisp white background is simply flawless.

A few of my favourite details...

Pillars wrapped in birch trees: why have I never thought of this? I love this feature against the white walls and also think it would be utterly romantic in a darker, candlelit environment.

Moss: has moss ever looked so fresh and Spring-like then when paired with yellow and white blooms? I always enjoy using moss as an accent and it has been styled so well here.

Unique photo & floral arrangements: I love single buds in clear glass vases. There is something so classic and so fresh about this look. I am really digging the twine-hung vases and empty frames with photos hung by clothes pegs. Such a unique and eclectic look.

Counting down the hours until Spring is officially here...

{Photos Courtesy of Hatch Creative Studio, taken by Jenny Ebert and found via Erin ever After}

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Ancarol said...

felt nice of deco i prefer that green green ;) green

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